SEZ «Aktau Seaport» - Area of Your success!
SEZ "Aktau Seaport" Subzones

SEZ territory of “Aktau Seaport” consists of 6 subzones, including a coastal zone. The total area of the territory of SEZ is – 2000 hectares. The land lots are provided to participants of SEZ with the right of temporary land use till the end of 2028 year from the moment of signing of the contract on investment activity in SEZ territory.

№ 1 Subzone: Total area - 298, 3 hectares; 

№ 2 Subzone: Total area - 490 hectares;

№ 3 Subzone: Total area - 194, 5 hectares;

№ 4 Subzone: Total area - 147, 7 hectares;

№ 5 Subzone: Total area - 640, 4 hectares;

№ 6 Subzone: Total area - 39, 6 hectares.  

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Location of the special economic
zone "Seaport Aktau"
The territory of SEZ «Seaport Aktau» consists of 6 sub-zones and coastal area. The total area of ​​the SEZ is - 2000 ha. Land lots provides to participants of SEZ till 2028 year.