SEZ «Aktau Seaport» - Area of Your success!
Tax and customs preferences

In accordance with current legislation to increase investment attractiveness participants of SEZ Aktau Seaport can benefit from a range of preferences exempting from three taxes: corporate income tax, land tax and property tax.  Customs procedures in SEZ allow SEZ participants receive cargos for their own needs without paying customs duties and taxes and other non-tariff measures. The government also provides all necessary infrastructure to participants to release them from additional costs so that they can immediately start implementing their projects.   

Tax and Customs Preferences:

  • corporate income tax -0%;
  • land tax – 0%;
  • property tax – 0%;
  • VAT for imported goods – 0%;
  • import customs duties – 0%;
  • land lease rate – 0. 

Our advantages: 

  • Exemption from taxes and customs duties;
  • Infrastructure constructed at government expense;
  • Common customs area including Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan;
  • Beneficial geographic location at the crossing of TRACECA, North-South transportation corridors, access to the Caspian Sea;
  • Favorable business environment, protection of investor’s interests;
  • Full project support from the beginning to production.
  • Involvement of foreign labor outside the quota and without permits; 


Location of the special economic
zone "Seaport Aktau"
The territory of SEZ «Seaport Aktau» consists of 6 sub-zones and coastal area. The total area of ​​the SEZ is - 2000 ha. Land lots provides to participants of SEZ till 2028 year.