Tax and customs preferences

According to the current legislation, in order to improve investment attractiveness, a number of preferences are provided for the participants of the SEZ "Seaport Aktau", which exempt participants from paying the following types of tax: corporate income tax, land tax, property tax, VAT on imported goods, import customs duties, rent for land. Customs procedures in SEZ allow SEZ participants receive cargos for their own needs without paying customs duties and taxes and other non-tariff measures. The government also provides all necessary infrastructure to participants to release them from additional costs so that they can immediately start implementing their projects.   

Tax and Customs Preferences:



corporate income tax 



land tax 


property tax 


VAT for imported goods 


import customs duties 


land lease rate 



Our advantages: 

  • Exemption from taxes and customs duties;
  • Infrastructure constructed at government expense;
  • Common customs area including Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan;
  • Beneficial geographic location at the crossing of TRACECA, North-South transportation corridors, access to the Caspian Sea;
  • Favorable business environment, protection of investor’s interests;
  • Full project support from the beginning to production.
  • Involvement of foreign labor outside the quota and without permits; 


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