Priority kinds of activity

Applicant activities should be aligned with a list of self-produced goods (works, services) corresponding to purposes of  the Special Economic Zone at Aktau Seaport in accordance with  Governmental Decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 13, 2009.

Priority Activities at SEZ Aktau Seaport:

  •  Manufacture of household electrical devices;
  •  Manufacture of leather goods;
  •  Manufacture of chemical products;
  •  Manufacture of goods made of rubber and plastic;
  •  Manufacture of non-steel mineral products;
  •  Metallurgy;
  •  Manufacture of ready-made metal goods;
  •  Manufacture of machines and equipment;
  •  Manufacture of petrochemical products, and also goods of associated, adjacent production and technologies;
  •  Stock keeping and supporting transport operations;
  • Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and medications;
  • Manufacture of electrical engines, generators, transformers, electrical distribution and control devices;
  • Manufacture of electrical cables and conducting devices;
  • Construction and start-up of facilities specifically intended for operations according to design and cost estimate documentation; 
  • Construction and commissioning of the multifunctional complex "AKTAU RESORT HOTEL" in accordance with the design and estimate documentation;
  • Construction and commissioning of a multidisciplinary hospital.

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